Djorde Alpar

Djorde Alpar

Djordje Alpar

Djordje Alpar was born on January 28, 1922 in Hungary. He grew up happy and unmolested together with his older brother and his parents in Belgrade. In 1938, Djordje spent a school year in Vienna and experienced here after the seizure of power for the first time Jew-hatred on their own body. With the experience in mind, he returned to Belgrade and joined in 1941, right after the beginning of the war in Serbia, the partisans. In the fight against the Nazis, he quickly rose in the hierarchy of his group until the group leadership. He survived this difficult time and started a new life in Belgrade with a good job at a large company. There Djordje met his wife Lili. In the 1960s, the two emigrated to Germany for professional reasons, but their home in the heart will always be Israel.

»We were enemies and we had to fight back. Either we or you. «

lived until his death in early 2018 in Frankfurt am Main

A joyous attitude, that’s what the Alpars have kept throughout their lives. Djordje Alpar was happy and open during our meetings. His wife Lili, who accompanied our interview, he kept looking back reassuring. Mrs. Alpar was calmer, very thoughtful in her statements, hospitable and at rest.

We contacted Mr. Alpar with a letter after seeing him in a documentary. His wife Lili later told us how proud he was of this letter and how he had shown it to all his friends. At our first meeting a white-haired man smiled at us, in whose eyes clearly the prank was to be seen. He wanted to tell us his story, brought to the first meeting with photos and a resume. For us a very exceptional CV, we met for the first time someone who had actively fought in the resistance. Accordingly, we were excited before the meeting. But already on entering the Alpars apartment this nervousness had disappeared. The couple met us warmly, was pleased about our visit and even served us cakes, from which we had to eat two pieces without argument.

Djordje and Lili Alpar were very familiar and loving each other, kept looking at each other while telling stories and complemented each other. Both have experienced unspeakable things and especially Mrs. Alpar could tell the pain of the memories. Mr. Alpar was very proud of his path, explaining his rise as a soldier in the resistance and time and again he made it clear how important education and advancement were and are for him. Fate welded the two together, Alpars already married three months after getting to know each other and they lead a happy marriage to this day without a prescription. Maybe that’s why both of them work strong and solid and are also interested in us and the love in our lives. Mr. Alpar kept making jokes about missing marriage proposals while his wife laughingly admitted that he did not remember a request from him. And so we all laughed together.

With admiration, I look to this friendly, happy and hospitable couple and the cohesion they revealed to us. The determination and matter-of-factness with which both took action against the Nazis deeply impressed me.


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