Eliezer Ayalon

Eliezer Ayalon

Eliezer Ayalon was born in Radon/Poland. The happy times he spent there with his family ended abruptly when the Germans marched in. In 1942, when the Radon Ghetto was being dissolved, 14-year old Eliezer saw his family for the last time. While his work permit saved him from »Treblinka«, it did not spare him having to go to five different work camps during the war, Plaszow being one of them. Nowadays Eliezer awakes each morning looking upon a small cup. A cup very similar to the one filled with honey his mother had given him as a goodbye along with the words: it is predetermined that you will have a sweet life.

»And I am happy with what I am doing. I am passionate about life. I am passionate about people and I am passionate about what I do.«

born 1927 in Poland, lived in Jerusalem, died 2012

One cannot help but be devastated when listening to a life story such as Eliezer Ayalon’s. He narrates it with such ease and serenity in perfect English. Eliezer is proficient. Six days a week he works on not letting what has happened to him be forgotten. He holds lectures, accompanies guided tours in Yad Vashem and answers questions.Since Eli Wiesel had told him that he meant to tell his story, he hasn’t stopped.

We were able to learn how important it is that survivors of the Schoah open up after living in silence for so many years. Eliezer has made it his life’s task. He gets up every morning, the small cup on his nightstand, to fight against forgetting.

It is also different when you get to know someone and associate a face with the horror. On the evening of our encounter we watched Steven Spielberg’s »Schindler’s List«. We knew the film already. But after meeting Eliezer we also knew someone, who really had been to this gruesome place. A charismatic, impressive man, who had looked at us with kind eyes while telling us about the time he spent in the camp, about his dreams and his hopes.

Eliezer Ayalon passed away in 2012. With this project we would like to continue his mission of passing on his story.

» a video in Yad Vashem with Eliezer Ayalon.

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