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New edition of the HEIMATSUCHER catalog

Finally the time has come: The new edition of our exhibition catalog is here! For a quiet moment at home. For interested friends. To remember, get to know and pass on. We want to preserve and tell the stories of the survivors.

The exhibition catalog is the first publication of our project and at the same time a witness of our development. He accompanies us on our journey to Israel, to the first nine survivors whose stories we have recorded and, in addition to the talks, also captures our impressions of these drastic experiences. The consequence of continuing to search for traces in Germany after completing our study project finds its place in a first interview in Germany.

The witnesses interviewed tell of discrimination, camps, escape, hiding places and resistance and the attempt to build a new life after the experience. But there are also stories about hope, love and special encounters with other people.

The interviewed Erna de Vries, who has been sharing her personal history in schools and events for many years, says:

»The silence does not bring people closer to each other.«

Erna de Vries

Each interview begins with a map depicting the life of the witness and ends with a collection of letters that schoolchildren have written to the survivors as part of our projects. Arbitrary changes in the flow of text convey pauses for thought and speech in impressive parts of the conversations and give the feeling of being told stories in person. Each portrayed person is honestly presented from our perspective – the linguistic character finds as much attention as the conversation rhythm and the natural light situation in the interviews.

Our personal journey is also illustrated in the catalog: How a student project has developed into an association that now works against over 100 volunteers nationwide against anti-Semitism and racism, still leaves us a bit stunned and incredibly happy and proud!

The new edition of the catalog would not have been possible without the energetic and financial help of our volunteer and supporters!
We expressly thank:
• all authors, photographers, editors and proofreaders
• Freya Paul for the design
• KNIPEX plant C. Gustav Putsch KG
• all 67 supporters of our betterplace campaign
• Michael Fuchs for his support
• Book and offset printing H. Heenemann GmbH & Co. KG, Buchbinderei buks! GmbH, Reinhart & Wasser Library and Verlagsbuchbinderei GmbH and Papier Union GmbH, with whose help the production was made possible

One last thank you goes to Carina Gödecke, who got to know us with the publication of the first edition in 2012 and since then accompanied us on our way and supported us again and again. An excerpt from her eulogy to the Josef Neuberger Medal of the Jewish Community of Düsseldorf to HEIMATSUCHER e.V. on 19 October 2017 is printed as a greeting.

The catalog costs from 30 euros and can be ordered by e-mail to kontakt@heimatsucher.de.


Wir von HEIMATSUCHER e.V. interviewen Zeitzeug*innen des Holocausts, dokumentieren ihre Geschichten und erzählen sie dann in Schulklassen und unserer Ausstellung weiter. Der Überlebende Elie Wiesel sagte einmal: »Jeder der heute einem Zeitzeugen zuhört, wird selbst ein Zeuge werden.« Und so sehen wir unseren Auftrag darin, als »Zweitzeug*innen«, (junge) Menschen stark gegen jegliche Art von Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit zu machen. HEIMATSUCHER e.V. ist laut § 78 SGB VIII anerkannter Träger der freien Jugendhilfe.

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