Wirkungsbericht 2018

Impact Report 2018

We are happy and proud to share this year’s impact report with you. Last year, for the first time, we ventured into this format of presenting our work. One year later, we can already provide you with a much more comprehensive report on great developments. To write an impact report, you have to once in the daily club work and pause. And that’s really good. We realize how important it is to treat yourself to this moment of retrospect in the rapid pace of our everyday lives. It is nice to see how our structures have solidified and how this has professionalized our processes in all areas.

First of all, the look into the year 2018 shows us one thing: HEIMATSUCHER creates continuous growth. Every year, we reach more children and adolescents, work in more workshops, accelerate our magazine edits and meet new witnesses. Also in 2018 we had more employees than in any year before. This allowed us to form and consolidate new structures, better serve our many volunteers and support them in their individual development and work for the club’s goals. This development is something very special for us.

Started as a purely voluntary project, we have now become a functioning social enterprise and so from an honorary to a charitable club. In order to maintain and expand this in the future, in 2018 we focused on sustainability and kept a close eye on our internal infrastructure. Because it has always been important to us to grow healthy, to do one step at a time and not to overload our resources. In this way, we also looked at and reflected on our corporate culture. For us, this has resulted in the task of establishing a transparent culture throughout the club for the years to come.

In addition to our growth and the wonderful work of all of our teams, 2018 board meetings were an exciting and defining topic. Ruth-Anne and Katharina enjoyed time-outs in 2018 for their healthy and happy offspring. In 2019, Sarah and Jennifer are going on smaller breaks for our youngest generation of second-hand kittens. Of course, these changes in our lives have also meant changes for the club and have shown us how well we are now in our work in the executive committee. After all, we regarded these break times as an opportunity and not as an obstacle: guidelines were drawn up, tasks handed over in a sustainable manner and thus stimulated a transfer of knowledge that would probably not have got off the ground without parental leave.

We find this development very positive and grateful that young women in our team will be able to balance both family and career. Compared to last year, we also noted in 2018 that the need to fight against all forms of discrimination and xenophobia continues to be of absolute importance and necessity. The instrumentalization for right-wing thinking is unfortunately omnipresent. Dangerous stereotypes, prejudices and discriminatory slogans have found their way into our society and are filled by very questionable parties in the German Bundestag, unfortunately, constantly with life. Here we can not and do not want to be quiet! And it gives us courage that we are not alone. Not only do we see the negative right-wing tendencies in society – we also see thousands of people and organizations taking to the streets and campaigning against group-focused enmity.

Every day, through our work with children and young people, we see what we can do with them and how they become strong, confident second-hand witnesses who recognize and champion the importance of civil courage and democracy. That gives courage and hope!

“No nation can choose their story or strip it. History is the presupposition of the present – and dealing with it is the foundation of the future of every country. «

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, President of the German Bundestag

In the sense of these words, we recognize our mission and want to become active co-shapers of the future. Our handling of our history has made us to become second-handers and thus we were able to start a movement. Our visions are aiming for significantly more secondaries, but we know the way is the way, and here we share with you our results of the year 2018 and see them as an incentive: we look forward to further growing this movement of secondaries bring to! THANK YOU for being so loyal to us! We hope that you will join us in the future and support us. Because only with your help can we achieve results as in the past year and continue to strive for and expand in the future.

Best regards

Sarah HüttenberendKatharina Müller-SpirawskiRuth-Anne Damm und Jennifer Schulz


Wir von HEIMATSUCHER e.V. interviewen Zeitzeug*innen des Holocausts, dokumentieren ihre Geschichten und erzählen sie dann in Schulklassen und unserer Ausstellung weiter. Der Überlebende Elie Wiesel sagte einmal: »Jeder der heute einem Zeitzeugen zuhört, wird selbst ein Zeuge werden.« Und so sehen wir unseren Auftrag darin, als »Zweitzeug*innen«, (junge) Menschen stark gegen jegliche Art von Rassismus und Fremdenfeindlichkeit zu machen. HEIMATSUCHER e.V. ist laut § 78 SGB VIII anerkannter Träger der freien Jugendhilfe.

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